How Many Drywall Screws Should I Use?

When you’re working with drywall, it’s really important to make sure that it’s fastened securely to the substrate.  The last thing you want is for your drywall to crack or warp, which can happen if the wrong number of screws are used.

If you’re wondering what the right number of drywall screws is for your drywall installation, then keep reading this quick article to find out!

How many drywall screws do I need?

Generally, a standard 4ft x 8ft x ½ inch sheet of drywall requires around 32 screws. This will be enough to keep the sheet fixed firmly in place without buckling or breaking – however, the spacing of the screws can differ depending on the application the drywall is being used for.

Drywall screws for walls

For walls, it’s recommended that the screws should be installed around 8 inches from all edges of the sheet. They should also be fixed 16 inches apart from each other across the surface of the board – see the diagram below:

Drywall screws for ceilings

For ceilings, the spacing is slightly different. The screws are recommended to be installed 7-8 inches from all edges from the sheet, and 12 inches apart from each other across the surface of the board.

I’m using additional adhesive – is the spacing the same?

When fixing drywall, you can also use construction adhesive on studs and joists to help secure in place. If you’re using both screws and adhesive, you can fix your screws at twice the distance apart than with screws alone.

It’s important to note that you should never use just construction adhesive to fix drywall – it should always be used in conjunction with drywall screws.


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