Aluminium Sliding Door FAQs

Aluminium sliding patio doors are an excellent addition to any home since they are lightweight, low maintenance, and stylish. 

How much do sliding aluminium doors cost? 

The aluminium sliding door price depends on a variety of elements, including the glass type and installation fees. It is important to consider all of the different factors adding to the bifold doors’ cost, such as:  

  • Size of glass 
  • Size of frame 
  • Door configuration
  • Type of glazing  

Our aluminium sliding door starting point price is as little as £1,200. For a full breakdown of costs and quotes, contact our friendly expert team.  

Can you paint aluminium sliding doors? 

Painting aluminium sliding doors could be quite challenging since only a few types of paint will adhere to them well. The best alternative is metal spray paint; however, this requires a well-ventilated place for application, and for maximum results, the door must be taken off its hinges before painting. Another excellent option is acrylic latex paint, which can be applied with the door still in place despite taking more effort to apply evenly. 

If you decide to paint your aluminium doors, you will have to prep them first. The doors must be thoroughly degreased and cleaned prior to the painting process. A great detergent that completely removes filth and grime is sugar soap. If feasible, remove any glass panels; if not, mask them off by covering them with newspaper. Similarly, it is necessary to tape and hide any handles or fittings that cannot be easily removed. 

Priming is frequently regarded as an optional step when painting, yet it is absolutely necessary for aluminium doors. Without priming, even the greatest metal paint will not adhere to an aluminium surface. For optimal results, use a priming for metal etching. Before painting, the doors must be completely dry.  

What are the best blinds for sliding doors? 

Unlike regular doors, sliding doors call for a certain kind of patio door blinds. Aluminium sliding doors offer a clear view of your surroundings and are wide enough to illuminate your room. When selecting blinds, the size of the sliding door should be considered.  

The blinds for sliding patio doors are typically mounted on the wall above the doors as they usually do not have sufficient depth. The direction in which the blinds open must match that of the sliding doors. You will need the sliding door blinds to be sturdy and long-lasting due to the high traffic in and out of the property.  

There are two methods of installation: 

  • Recessed: the blind is attached to the door so that it opens and closes with the blind  
  • Free hanging: both parts of the door are be covered with free-hanging blinds, allowing the door to move freely behind the blinds while opening or closing  

So, considering all the factors above, here are the types of blinds we consider most suitable:  

  • Panel track blinds – our favourite pick for wide windows and sliding glass doors, they operate on a track, making them extremely durable  
  • Vertical blinds – the most popular and fashionable sliding door blinds solution, they are easy to stain clean, maintain, and long-lasting 
  • Roller blinds – not the optimal choice for sliding doors, but when coupled, they achieve a greater width that covers the entire door 
  • Roman blinds – an excellent fit, they provide important insulation features 
  • Curtains – a great option as they hang above the doors and can cover the whole area while also adding softness and class to your space  

Can a sliding door be fire rated? 

Sliding patio doors do not meet fire regulations due to the air space between the wall and the door. However, there are sliding fire door kits that can be installed to your door system. Those kits help the door to automatically return to its closed position after each operation by counterbalancing its weight.