Sliding Doors The Basics

How to adjust a sliding patio door?

Sliding glass doors may begin to stall, stick, or be challenging to operate over time. Typically, this occurs when dust gathers on the rollers or the grooved rails that they are mounted on. Fortunately, adjusting sliding patio doors is a quick solution to get things rolling again. If the roller height needs to be changed so that the door may move easily across its entire range of motion, try using a screwdriver. Remove the door from the sliding door track and wipe the rollers with rubbing alcohol if you suspect dirty rollers are to blame. Make sure to use a wire brush to thoroughly clean the tracks. 

How to lock a sliding door?

Locking sliding doors has become an easy yet lasting solution for adding extra protection to your patio doors. There are several ways to secure your doors, such as:  

  • Install a security frame hardware – install a jimmy plate (a flat metal plate) over the sliding door frame, the plate prevents a burglar from prying and detaching the door from its position on the framework by blocking the door 
  • Add an extra sliding patio door lock  
  • Replace the original sliding glass door lock 
  • Install security door sensors – attaching sensors to an alarm system can scare off burglars 
  • Install glass-break detectors - glass-break detectors will ring/beep when glass is broken 

How to hide a sliding door track?

If you would like your sliding door rails to appear invisible, you may consider installing a concealed door gear kit. However, one thing you need to keep in mind is the location of your sliding doors – the concealed kits are typically fit for hardwood floors.  

Another popular solution for hiding sliding door tracks is to hide the whole door in a pocket. For this one, you may want to seek professional advice as it includes completely transforming your space by drilling holes in the walls big enough to fit your doors.  

How to measure for sliding doors?

Before you fit a sliding door, you will need the exact measurements of the space where you plan the installation. You should measure the depth, height, and width of the space: 

  • Depth – measure the depth of the door you would like to install in your space 
  • Height – using a tape measure, estimate the distance between the floor and the upper section of the frame 
  • Width – using tape measure, estimate the distance between the left and the right side of the doorframe 

How to make a sliding door slide easier?

The rollers and the tracks are the two primary components of a sliding glass door that allow it to slide. The door's outside corners have little wheels attached to them that roll down a metal track that runs along the bottom or top of the door frame. In contrast to most residential doors, larger sliding doors often just have rollers on the bottom of the jamb. Your sliding door may not operate smoothly if one of these parts is dirty, damaged, or out of position. 

We have selected the most useful solutions to making your doors slide easier below:  

  • Clean the sliding door tracks – they can often accumulate dirt and debris, making it harder for the doors to slide 
  • Repair bent or damaged tracks – damaged sections will hinder the performance of the sliding door rollers  
  • Lubricate the tracks - distribute a silicone-based lubricant into the track evenly and thoroughly by sliding the door back and forth  
  • Adjust the rollers - to keep the sliding door wheels aligned with the track, they are built with changeable heights, the rollers' function may be hampered if they fall out of alignment over time due to regular wear and tear 
  • Clean or replace the rollers  
  • Reinstall the door  

How to fix a sticking sliding door?

If your sliding glass door is sticking, it may require some maintenance. Follow our easy steps on sticking sliding door repair 

  • Remove the sliding door 
  • Vacuum the tracks 
  • Use warm, soapy water and a brush to clean the tracks 
  • Inspect the rollers and replace them if damaged 
  • Lubricate the tracks 
  • Reinstall the doors and adjust the rollers to the correct height