How to Put Threaded Rod into Wood

What is Threaded Rod?

Threaded rod, also called all-thread or stud, is a particular type of fastener, often used to stabilise structures or objects to ceilings and walls. It creates a strong structural connection when it is fastened to a wood joist, and can also be used when the longest bolts or screw is too short. The threading on the rod can either be at the ends or along the whole length of the rod.

How To Install Threaded Rod

You cannot simply drill and thread the rod into a joist. Threaded rod contains incredibly fine threads that will just pull from the wood. You should install a hanger that has threads matching the rod. The coarse threads of the anchor will grip the rod and can result in the finished hanger holding up to 1600lbs.

Installing threaded rod correctly is a simple and easy job when these below steps are followed.

  1. Safety first – you should put on safety glasses to protect your eyes from any damage.
  2. Choose an appropriate socket from the socket set and fix it onto the threaded rod anchor’s hex head.
  3. Open the chuck of your variable-speed reversible drill. Insert the shaft of the socket drill attachment into the chuck.
  4. Tighten the chuck. This will secure the socket attachment to the motor of the drill. Slide the socket onto the square end of the socket attachment. Place the hex head of the rod anchor into the end of the socket.
  5. Set the self-drilling tip of the rod anchor against the joist of wood where you intend to hang the threaded rod. Pull the drill motor trigger and apply pressure to drill the rod anchor into the wood joist. Stop the drill when the flared section of the anchor is firmly resting against the bottom of the wood joist.
  6. Thread a hex nut onto the end of the threaded rod. Turn the hex nut until you reach the rod anchor. Tighten up the hex nut with an adjustable wrench to secure the threaded rod into the wood joist.
  7. Check whether the threaded rod is fixed in securely by hanging some weight on it. After this, you’re done!

For more information, or help installing your threaded rod, get in touch with our expert team.