What Are The Environmental Benefits Of Copper Gutters?

For some people, the thought of having a copper gutter as their rainwater system possibly seems quite strange, given its bold aesthetic. However, increasing concerns over the environment have meant that the need for eco-friendly building materials has become more prevalent in recent years.

So, in aid of reducing the carbon footprint, you may start to notice the increase of copper gutters popping up throughout the UK, and here’s why:

Copper gutters are 100% recyclable

Unlike many other materials, copper is a natural resource that can be recycled many times without compromising the quality of the metal. Where wood may become weak after continuous recycling, the composite structure and integrity of copper remain virtually the same. Even after years of oxidisation, a copper gutter system can still be removed from a fascia after years of being used and then recycled.

Naturally produced

Consumers can purchase copper without worrying about whether the manufacturing process is harmful to the environment. Copper mills use as much as 95 percent recycled materials when producing copper products and many of the copper gutters and brackets that are produced are made up of previously used wire and cable.

Long-lasting durability

A copper gutter system can be a bit of an upfront expense but works out to be a worthwhile investment that holds up under all kinds of conditions for many years. Other rainwater systems may require part replacements or even discard entirely after 20 years. This long-lasting durability means less waste product and fewer resource requirements for the disposal or recycling process.

Rainwater harvesting

Another effort in aid of reducing our carbon footprint is that of water conservation and rainwater harvesting. Unlike the materials of other rainwater systems, a copper gutter system actually acts as an algaecide and fungicide. Not only does this reduce the cleaning requirements of the gutter, but it also keeps the growth of lichens and moss at bay. This allows for excellent rainwater harvesting for a multitude of home uses; watering plants, bathing pets, washing vehicles and much more.

Furthermore, copper is a wholly natural material present within and essential to all plants, animals, and humans. Unlike other materials such as lead, copper is non-toxic and does not accumulate in the body. A deficiency in copper is one factor in the increased risk of developing heart disease.

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