Aluminium Gutter Unions - Everything you need to know (Video)

We offer ARP’s extruded beaded half-round aluminium gutters in a variety of sizes and colours.

Each purchase of any length, angle, or running outlet is supplied with a gutter union, free of charge.
Aluminium Gutter

What is an aluminium union?

A gutter union is a support fitting used to join and seal two lengths of gutter together or connect gutter lengths to other fittings such as angles or running outlets.

Aluminium unions are supplied pre-fitted with a gasket which creates a void for the sealant to be applied to.

There are two holes in the base of the union to inject the sealant through, and two bleed holes at the front and rear of the union to allow the sealant to appear once it is fitted.

How do you fit a gutter joint and union?

Take a look at our union installation guide below to find out how to connect two lengths of gutter using unions. 

Placement of the Union

  1. Once you are happy with the placement, clean the gutter by wiping both sides of the joint with a proprietary solvent cleaner, ensuring all debris has been removed.
  2. Carefully place the union into the rear-face of the gutter, centralising the union before clipping down to the front face.
  3. You may continue with the sealant once you are confident the union is in place and fully clipped into both the front and rear grooves of the gutter.

Applying sealant to the union

  1. Ensure the end nozzle of the sealant has been cut to suit the size of the aperture in the base of the union.
  2. Place the sealant gun into the first hole in the base of the gutter and apply the sealant by gently squeezing the trigger of the sealant gun. Always try to keep the nozzle vertical when applying the sealant.
  3. As the sealant is applied, you will see the sealant appear in the front and rear bleed holes. There is an adequate amount of sealant when both holes have bled.
  4. Repeat the process on the remaining hole on the bottom of the union until you yield the same result.

You may continue installing the rest of your system once you have finished the steps above.

Check out this video from ARP demonstrating the steps above

Maintenance of your Aluminium Gutters

To find out more about the maintenance of your aluminium gutters please take a look at our extensive guides & tips article about how to clean and maintain your aluminium gutters.