Clarity Decking vs Forma Decking: The Differences

With a wide range of Ecoscape decking options, people often wonder about the differences between them, and which boards might suit them best. Many customers are often stuck choosing between our Clarity and Forma ranges as they’re the most similar in both look and features. 

We’re here to take you through some of the notable features of each range to help you decide which board is best for you. 

Clarity Decking 

Anti-Slip Classification - Clarity composite decking boards are anti-slip in both wet and dry weather conditions, and on both sides of their dual-surface finish. All users, from young children to older citizens will be safe on the decking as it does not take in moisture or grow mould (which is what often leads to slippages). The anti-slip rating is British Standard Rated. 

Colour Details - The Clarity decking range is available in 5 smart and stylish colours. Fade is possible in the first few weeks of laying the boards, but this is not due to wear, it is an acclimatising type of fade – due to the natural composition and variation in the board fibres, they need to all settle to the same colour within the first few weeks after installation and release any residue left behind from manufacture. After this point, the boards will not fade any further and their colour will remain consistent. The most fade-resistant colours are Walnut and Charcoal. 

Maintenance and Care – Our Clarity boards are not quite a zero-maintenance product as we do recommend a clean annually and a regular mop-up of any spillages or mud, however; aside from this, there is no other staining, sealing, painting, or the likes required, making Clarity a great option for busy families. 

Multi-Use Element – The Clarity range also includes battens of sizes 90mm x 20mm, 90mm x 10mm, 70mm x 15mm and 45mm x 10mm all in 2.9m lengths. These battens can be used to create other features in your gardens, such as screening, fencing, seating or even planters to match the composite decking area. The multi-use elements of the boards make them a popular range and a unique product. 

Look and Finish – Clarity boards boast a dual-surface finish – one side has a narrower groove, and the other a wider groove more reminiscent of traditional decking boards. The boards replicate the look of natural wood and are a modern and stylish choice. 

Price Point – Clarity is one of the most economically priced composite decking options available to purchase today. It is incredibly high quality for the price point, therefore is a great option for many property owners. 

Forma Decking 

Appearance – Also a dual-surface finish, the Forma decking boards have a wide groove like Clarity, but the reverse is a unique wood grain texture. This makes for a seamless and smooth finish when the boards are laid next to one another. The Forma boards are multi-tonal, with several different coloured fibres running through them, giving them a finish closer to that of natural timber. 

Colour Details – There are 6 colours in the Forma range, all of which are protected and guaranteed against colour fade. Because the outer capping of the board is made from HDPE, there is no lignin in the decking boards. Lignin is an organic element in wood that produces a greying effect through oxidation, and the lack of this is what prevents fade from happening. 

Strength and Durability – The capping mentioned above is incredibly durable and is not capable of absorbing liquids, making it a great seal for the decking. Designed to withstand the traffic from commercial use, you can be sure that Forma decking will stand up to a large amount of wear and not be affected. 

Price Point – Forma is more of a premium decking board, and therefore the price reflects the quality here. Although not too dissimilar from the Clarity range in basic features, Forma is slightly more durable and resistant, so is ideal in gardens where there are lots of traffic or commercial applications. 

If you’re still unsure which decking board is right for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team for more information. Shop Clarity and Forma ranges online now. 

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