Flow Controls - What Do I Need To Know

The strategic use of flow control units like orifice valves can be used to assist with sustainable drainage and manage flows from soakaway systems into the main surface water drainage network.

As more and more properties are asked to look after their own rainwater, it is imperative to control flows in order to ensure that any sudden surge in demand on the system is carefully managed to avoid the potential for downstream flooding.

Oriflo flow control systems are a range of orifice plate flow control chambers, designed to support SuDS Management and the sewer infrastructure as part of a designed attenuation system - this helps prevent flooding by controlling the flow into the main storm drain.

The chambers are designed to sit downstream of crate systems and storage tanks and are fitted with an internal orifice plate, which has the orifice at the base to suit the designed flow requirement, Chambers come in a choice of heights, diameters, and pipework connections (for standard and twinwall drainage). Chambers are manufactured in a high-strength twinwall structure, which makes them very strong and extremely durable. Although very robust, they are also relatively lightweight and come in one piece.

Please be aware that in order to calculate the size of the orifice needed you will need to calculate the design head of the attenuation tank (this is the maximum depth of water upstream from the flow control and is measured from the top of the tank to the bottom of the invert of flow control outlet pipe). The flow restriction will also be needed (this is measured in litres per second).