Golf Course Drainage

As weather improves now's a good time to get those last minute maintenance jobs sorted. We've had a wet start to the year which has brought with it a number of issues - one being a waterlogged course which is something that we know you'll want to avoid.

We know the drainage of your golf course is an important consideration – especially in those areas of heavy soil. A properly designed and well maintained drainage system can be the key to any successful golf club. So if you’re currently carrying out maintenance can we help?

Negate potential waterlogging issues

We’ve got a range of products available that can help if you suffer from issues with water logging.

Cure the course with land drain

Through the use of Land Drain you can cure waterlogged areas of the course are practice ground. The land drain is essentially a perforated pipe that allows water to enter through the small perforations. This water can then be transported to a more suitable point for disposal such as a stream, storm drain or soakaway.

In small areas we would recommend that you try to ensure that all areas are within 2.5m of the land drain. The most common layout is a herringbone pattern, where side branches are connected into a central spine using Y junctions.

For drainage in larger areas, it would be both impractical and expensive to use the 2.5m rule - instead we would recommend that no part of the affected area is further than 10m from the drain.

Capture water in a soakaway

Soakaways can be used to dispose surface water in areas affected by flooding and waterlogging and soakaway Crates are now the most commonly used method of building a soakaway for both domestic housing and commercial applications offering you a smarter way to manage your rainwater.

Rainsmart Soakaway systems are an innovative, superbly engineered range of products used in the collection and controlled discharge of stormwater. With a team led by professionals from the civil engineering and environmental fields, Rainsmart has developed a range of long-lasting, robust and eco-friendly products that provide ground-breaking solutions to the rainwater management problems.

Utilising permeable paving

Permeable paving offers a low maintenance and easy to install solution to dealing with stormwater creating a grassed or gravel surface for parking or driving. The paving creates a permeable surface and allows water to infiltrate through the profile reducing stormwater runoff.

It has a high load bearing capacity while also protecting vegetation from compaction. The structure of the paving provides the perfect containment of gravel meaning that extensively used parking surfaces can be maintenance free.

Another benefit of the structure is that it facilitates grass root growth (unlike alternatives on the market). The unique hexagonal cut-outs and three dimensional open grid design allows for unrestricted lateral and vertical root development. This forms an interlockable grid effect once established.

The cell structure provides a protective casing around the grass nodule making regeneration quick and efficient. At the same time protection from compaction (due to pedestrian and vehicle traffic) is given to the root zone. This ensures that the surface looks natural.

In need of something else?

We also offer gutters, fascia, soffit and cladding so if your pro shop, club house or outbuildings are in need of some TLC then we can help.