How to Build a Log Store

How to Build a Log Store

Tools You’ll Need

Fixings You’ll Need

  • 5 x 60mm Screws QTY: 14
  • 3.5 x 30mm Screws QTY: 28

Safety Tips

Don’t attempt this installation without a second person to help you – the log store panels can be heavy, and it’s not recommended to try to fix them in place whilst holding them yourself. Recruiting a second person to help will make the installation far safer and easier.

We would also recommend appropriate PPE equipment be worn throughout the installation process – protective gloves, glasses, boots and a mask.

Installation Instructions

  1. Position the floor panel in your desired location, ensuring it is on a solid and level base. This must be placed correctly at the beginning of the installation, as once the log store is fully complete, it will be harder to move.
  2. Position and secure the right-side panel onto the floor panel, using the floor bearers beneath.
  3. Repeat this process with the left side panel.
  4. Attach your back boards to the side panels using two of the supplied 30mm screws in each side. You should check and make sure the back boards are in line with the boards on the side panels.
  5. You can now line up the roof panel and position before attaching to the side panels. You'll want to make sure there's overhang at the front of the log store when positioning the roof - this will assist with rainwater runoff, and ensure your logs stay dry.

That's it – your log store is now complete!

Please be aware that timber is a natural material which is capable of shrinking and swelling depending on the moisture content in the panels, so we would recommend always completing this installation in dry conditions to ensure all parts line up correctly. Please make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions when installing, otherwise any warranties or guarantees may be deemed invalid.

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