How To Fit Shower Panels

If you’ve just invested in PVC shower panels and are looking for advice on installation, you’ve come to the right place! In this handy guide we’ll go over the main steps you need to take to create a perfect shower cladding installation.

How to fit shower panels

To fit your shower panels, follow these steps:

  1. Size your corner trims to the correct height before attaching to the wall with adhesive.
  2. Place a panel into each side of the trim, then mark where it should be located on the wall.
  3. Cut your panels to fit the space you'll be covering and fix them to the wall with adhesive. To make sure the seals are totally watertight, silicone should also be applied in the corner trims.
  4. Again, to ensure they are watertight, apply silicone to the interior end caps before applying adhesive to the exterior edge and mounting it to the wall.

For installations in showers, we also recommend running a bead of silicone in the grooves between the panels as you install them. This will ensure that no water can penetrate beneath the panels, eliminating the risk of mould and bacteria.

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How to fit shower panels around a bath

Fitting shower panels around a bath is a straightforward process. Where the endcaps would usually be fitted to the bottom of the wall, they should instead be fitted into the corner where the bath meets the wall.

Other than this, the process of installing the cladding is exactly the same as if you were creating a floor-to-ceiling installation.

Can you put shower wall panels over tiles?

Yes, you can fix shower wall panels over tiling. In fact, our shower wall panels are designed to be applied over a wide variety of flat surfaces, including tiles, wood, or existing PVC cladding panels. No need to remove existing wall coverings – simply follow the instructions for a quick and easy shower wall refresh!


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