Grout, Cladding & Paving Compatibility Guide

In the table below, we outline the various colours of grout that we offer and show which colours of paving and stone wall cladding that they are suitable for use with.

Grout Colour Suitable For Stone Paving Colours Suitable For Porcelain Paving Colours Suitable For Stone Wall Cladding Colours
Stone Grey Kandla Grey, Raj Green, Black, Ash Grey, Graphite Grey None None
Natural Camel Dust, Mint, Antique Yellow None None
Tropical Ebony None Basalt, Sidewalk, Florence Dark, Slab Coke, Charcoal, Platinum Grey Jasper Black, Opium Black, Sahara Noir, Steel Dark, Vulcano Roca
Steel Grey Jura Grey, Jura Green,  Cement, Silver Contro, Versilla, Cinder, Florence Grey, Florence Storm, Jura Grey, Venetian Grey, Kandla Grey, Polished Concrete, Steel Grey, Travertine Dark Antique Ash, Matte Grey, Vintage Grey
Golden Jasmine Jura Beige, Egyptian Beige Faro, Gea, Sandy White, Warm Beige, Area, Florence Beige, Slab Khaki, Jura Beige, Venetain Beige Hydra Beige, 
Cornish Cream None Comblanchien  Hydra Argen
Autumn Chestnut None Golden Stone, White Quartz, Rovere, Honey, Ash Beige, Frosty Grey,  Desert Beige, Golden Sand
Silver Grey None Silver Grey, Urban Grey, Yard, Florence White, Cream, Light Grey, Marble Grey Antique Aspen, Hydra Plomo, Vulcano Ceniza, Off White
Slate Grey None Aeras, Ancient, Trendy Black, Nuage, Astor Grey None

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