Can You Use Push Fit On Copper Pipes?

Connecting Push Fit To Copper Plumbing

Although push fit fittings were designed to be used in conjunction with plastic pipes, they are also fully compatible with traditional copper pipe plumbing. This is particularly useful in the very common scenario where you only need to replace one part of your old plumbing system as opposed to removing the whole thing and starting again from scratch. Our plastic push fit pipes and fittings are available in the two most common sizes of copper tubing; 15mm and 22mm.


Fitting a copper pipe with a push fit fitting is a very simple process and can be accomplished by following the steps below:

  1. Each push fit fitting features nuts on each side where the pipe is pushed into and locked into place. Before trying to insert your copper pipe, first line it up beside the nut of the fitting to see how much of the pipe will be sealed into the fitting. Use a marker or a pencil to draw a line horizontally across the pipe at where it meets the edge of the fitting. This will come in handy shortly.
  2. Unlike using plastic pipes, copper pipes do not require the use of a pipe insert at a joint. Now begin to push the copper tube into the fitting, you will begin to feel resistance almost immediately, this is coming from the rubber ring inside the fitting that creates a watertight seal once the pipe is in place.
  3. It may help to twist the copper tube slightly as you are pushing it into the fitting in order to get it fully sealed into the fitting. You will know when the pipe is in as far as it will go when the horizontal line you drew earlier disappears into the fitting.
  4. Once the pipe is fully into the fitting, it can be locked into place properly by twisting the nut the nut on the fitting clockwise.
  5. If for any reason you need to remove the copper pipe from the fitting, simply twist the nut counter clockwise and give the pipe a good pull!

We hope that this answers your questions regarding the use of plastic push fit fittings on copper pipe plumbing systems but if not, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us as one of our experts would be happy to help!