How To Attach A Privacy Screen To A Fence

Privacy screens are a great way to increase privacy on your property, as the name suggests. They can be used as freestanding structures, or attached to the top of a fence to add a bit of decoration.

To find out how the installation process for a privacy screen goes, keep reading this quick and handy article!

Things you’ll need

  • A privacy screen, of course
  • Screws
  • Electric drill
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Spirit level

Step 1: Measure the fence you’ll be attaching the screen to

Before you purchase any privacy screen, you should make sure you know the measurements of the fence you’ll be fixing it to. The last thing you want is a screen that’s too tall or too wide for your fence panels!

Don’t forget to also consider any fence posts, gates, or anything else that can affect the length of the privacy screening panel.

Step 2: Mark the fence

Now that you’ve measured your fence and ordered the appropriate privacy screens, mark the top and bottom of your fence where you’ll be fixing the screening panels. Use a spirit level to make sure everything is both level and straight. First mark the end posts of the fence, then work down the length of the fence and mark each area that you want to attach a panel.

Step 3: Fix your privacy screening panels

Using the screws, fix the privacy screens to your fence. Make sure to fix them securely, using 4-6 screws for each panel. Use the spirit level again to make sure everything’s straight and level – if anything needs adjusting, you can tighten or loosen the screws to make it more level.

And there you have it – your fencing will be looking brand new with the addition of privacy screening!

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