Seasonal Maintenance for your Oil Tanks

Whether the cold is beginning to draw in, or the sun has started peeking through the clouds, when the seasons change it’s a great time to begin some maintenance for your oil tanks. 

If your central heating system is oil-fuelled, it's definitely worth making sure your oil tanks are in good condition – whether you’re about to switch the heating on for the winter or leave it alone for the summer, give your tank some TLC to help it last! 

How Often Should I Do My Maintenance? 

We recommend you carry out your maintenance checks twice a year when the seasons change – just before summer and just before winter. 

This is because the change in the seasons can affect the integrity of your tanks, so it’s important to check their quality to ensure they don’t degrade. 

What Steps Should I Be Taking? 

1. Fill your tank

Leaving your oil tank only part full means that the gap between the fuel and tank skin can form condensation. Excess moisture can cause the tank skin to corrode and decrease its lifespan! 

Condensation can also lead to a build-up of bacteria which further contaminates the fuel and can break down the system. 

You may also want to stock up on fuel during specific points of the year – it tends to be cheaper in general before and through the summer but making sure to get a final top up before the start of winter can stop you from paying inflated prices once the cold hits! 

2. Inspect Your Tank 

You'll need to ensure your oil tank is in good condition by simply taking a look. You should be visually inspecting your tank for damage and rust and ensure problem areas are repainted with protective paint, as well as checking the seals and caps for any leakages. 

Don't forget, if you're unsure how to do this yourself, you can always call an OFTEC registered professional to diagnose and carry out any repairs! 

3. Assess Your Tank’s Security 

Unfortunately, due to the rise in prices not only in the winter but also general inflation, oil theft is on the increase. You should consider installing CCTV, locks, alarms or security lights around your oil tank as a preventative measure. 

For more information on tanks, check out further guides and tips, or speak to our expert team today.