Which Corrugated Sheets Should I Use?

When it comes to shopping for corrugated sheets, there many options to choose from and it can be difficult to know which type would be best for your project. So, in this guide we aim to detail each of the different sheet types, their unique features, and what applications they are most commonly used for in order to help you make a decision. We offer four different styles of corrugated sheets, and they are as follows:

Stormroof Corrugated Sheets

Stormroof Corrugated Sheet

Stormroof sheets are the strongest and most durable corrugated sheets in our range, coming in at approximately 200 times stronger than glass of the same thickness! Despite their robust nature, they are lightweight and easy to cut to size with a saw if needed. Providing high light transmission as well as protection from harmful UV rays, these sheets are suitable for a wide variety of applications including greenhouses, carports, canopies, porches, barns, garages and more!

To top it all off, all stormroof sheets have a 20 year life expectancy as well as Class 1 fire rating. All these qualities make stormroof the most versatile type of corrugated sheets and the most popular amongst our customers.

GRP Polyester Corrugated Sheets

A translucent roofing sheet that is often used in the creation of skylights, GRP polyester sheets boast the element of privacy while having almost as much strength as the stormroof sheets. These sheets are made with extra fibres in the resin mix in order to get their translucent appearance and are best installed in areas that receive a lower amount of direct sunlight. GRP polyester sheets also have a Class 1 fire rating and a slightly longer life expectancy of 25 years. They are commonly used for garages, barns, and other agricultural buildings.

PVC DIY Grade Corrugated Sheets

PVC DIY Grade Corrugated Sheet

Designed for DIY applications, these waterproof PVC corrugated sheets are a popular choice for homeowners on a budget. Like stormroof sheets they are lightweight, provide good light transmission and are easy to install. However, they should only be used on projects that don’t require high impact resistance as they don’t possess the same durability as the other types of corrugated sheets. They are commonly used on projects such as carports, decking area covers, greenhouses and sheds. Like polyester sheets they have a Class 1 fire rating and are expected to last 25 years.

Bitumen Corrugated Sheets

Bitumen Corrugated SheetsBitumen sheets are the most aesthetically pleasing of corrugated sheets and can be used to compliment or contrast your property. Coming in four colours; black, red, green, and brown, these sheets are extremely popular amongst DIYers with their easy to cut and install sheets and bars. Primarily used for roofing applications such as sheds, log stores, barbecue shelters, walkways, children’s playhouses, garages and outbuildings, bitumen sheets come with a 15-year life expectancy and are fully waterproof.

We hope that with the information above, you are now more informed about corrugated sheets and which type would be most appropriate for your project but if you require any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.