Why Do I Need Roofing Resin?

Roofing resin is used in the building or repair of GRP (fibreglass) roofing.

The resin in its own form is a low viscosity liquid, however when mixed with a catalyst it hardens to form a waterproof and fireproof roofing system.

If you’re looking to fibreglass your roofing, you’ll need to use a resin to achieve the desired effect. Roofing resin is used alongside fibreglass matting and some sort of topcoat to ensure protection from the elements.

If your roof is likely to be subjected to heavy foot traffic, you can add another layer of fibreglass matting and resin too. This is likely to cost slightly more but is a relatively cheap and simple way to ensure added strength and protection for your roof. This is especially appropriate for structures such as balconies or open rooftops, for example, due to the amount of use they might receive.

Roof resin is also useful as it is mildly flexible even when fully hardened. This allows for roof surfaces to contract and expand depending on external temperatures.

Coupling roof resin with a topcoat will ensure a waterproof seal and added UV stability.

Roofing resin is an essential component in the manufacture and installation of GRP roofing, and ensures full protection from both natural and manmade factors.

The resin we sell is exceptional quality resin. Whilst some resins are relatively cheap, their quality isn’t quite top of the pile. Contractor grade resin is often mixed with fillers, meaning it will dilute the effectiveness.  Our resin by Cromar is 100% pure resin, and although this comes with a slightly higher price tag, it’s far more beneficial in terms of strength and durability, and is sure to make the difference to the quality of your GRP roof.

So, when next getting your resin make sure you ask questions about the quality so you know exactly what you're getting.

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