How to Build a Timber Gate

Timber gates are perhaps the most popular option when it comes to gates. The traditional wood can be painted or stained in any colour or shade of your choice. Now you can even build your own timber gate - in this step-by-step guide, we will help you build your own gate using timber panels.


Before you start building the gate you need to:

  • Measure the width of where you want the gate to be
  • Subtract the depth measurements of the two gate posts you will be using
  • Subtract a further 5mm and 10mm for clearances
  • Provide a 60mm gap below the gate to prevent rot

You must first choose what you're attaching your wooden gate posts to before you build the gate. Make sure you use structural timber that has been pressure treated or that you can treat later, for example a timber fence.

Mounting the opposite gate end

Use an object that has a straight edge along the floor to ensure you position your other gate post in the correct place. This must be the same size as the gate gap.

To get the proper height, run a spirit level along the tops of the gate posts while holding. Then, use the spirit level to measure the gate post's side.

Mounting the gate to a brickwork

  • Use an SDS or masonry drill to drill into the brickwork.
  • Drill only as far as is necessary to the length of a masonry screw.
  • Drill through the mortar joint or the middle of the brick.

Building a timber gate

  1. While using tongue and groove, you must first cut the groove section away.
  2. Once all your pieces have been cut, begin by marking the first piece at the centre, 6 inches from the top, and 6 inches from the bottom.
  3. Draw a cross inside the top and bottom marks - you will place your spars here.
  4. Place your spars roughly in line with the pencil lines, but with the preferred side facing down.
  5. Apply exterior wood glue along each of the three spars.
  6. Align the glued spars with the pencil marks, checking that the ends of the spars are parallel to the edge of the tongue and groove.
  7. Use one screw each piece to attach.
  8. Make sure that the gate is square – you can use tape measure.

Additional Accessories

Depending on your preference you can attach the following to complete your wooden gate:

  • Hinges
  • A bolt
  • A latch

If you have any questions regarding our guide do not hesitate to contact our friendly team, or shop gates here!

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