How to Fit a Garden Gate

If you’re installing a new garden gate, keep reading this quick step-by-step article to find out how installation goes.

Step 1: Gather your materials

For the installation, you’ll need your gate (obviously), gate posts, and the associated tools and fixings. For light gates, your gate posts should be around 100mm square and 610mm longer than the gates height. For heavy gates that are over 1.2m high or wide, the posts need to be a bit thicker and at least 760mm higher than the gate.

Step 2: Prepare the posts for weathering

If you’ve got new gate posts, make sure to cut the top to a slant to allow rainwater to run off. If you don’t do this, it will pool on the top of the posts and may damage the wood. You can do this with a sliding bevel – mark a 20-degree angle from the top of the post and continue the line down the face of the post. Saw neatly along the line, and then treat the cut edge with wood preservative.

Step 3: Lay everything out

Choose which way you’d like your gate to open, and then lay it face down on level ground. Place your posts at the right height on either side of the gate, leaving a 5mm gap so that it can open and close freely. You can use two timber offcuts to raise the gate from the ground, so that it sits level with the posts.

Step 4: Fix the hinges

Place each hinge into position on the back of the gate and mark the positioning through the hinge holes. Drill pilot holes for each of your screws, and then screw the hinges into place.

Step 5: Fix the latch

Similarly, lay out your gate latch and mark the positioning through the holes, allowing a 5mm gap between the gate and the post. Drill pilot holes for each of your screws and then screw the latch into place.

Step 6: Create the gate post holes

With a few lengths of timber, brace the gate to ensure the construction is secure before marking the position of the post holes. Use a spade to dig the holes, roughly a spade and a half’s width across and deep enough for there to be a 50mm gap beneath the gate. This will allow it to open and close easily.

Put the gate posts into the holes and check they’re level using a spirit level – adjust the depth of the holes if needed.

Step 7: Fill the gate post holes

Use props to hold the gate in place while you mix and apply the concrete. Pour the concrete into the gate post holes, making sure to create a downward slope around the posts to allow for rainwater runoff. Allow the concrete to set for at least 48 hours before removing the props and the brace.

Just like that, you’ve got a brand new garden gate!

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