Guttering - What Goes Where - Jargon Explained

You may not realise the importance of your guttering system, but consider what would happen to your home without gutters. Any rainfall would run directly off of the roof and collect at the foot of the building structure - and in no time at all this would undermine your foundations. Your driveway and garden would soon be flooded from the excess surface water. Rainwater running down your external walls would cause damage to the brickwork, windows and doors... Gutters may not be glamorous but they certainly are necessary!

This infographic will explain exactly what gutters are and why they need to be installed in a specific way. You will also learn about each specific part of the guttering system, its correct name and what role it plays.

The guttering structure consists of:

  • Gutters
  • Gutter Support Brackets
  • Gutter Unions
  • Stop Ends
  • Gutter Angles
  • Running (or Stopend) Outlets
  • Downpipes
  • Offset Bends
  • Downpipe Connectors
  • Downpipe Clips
  • Downpipe Shoes
  • Downpipe Branch

We stock all of these parts in a wide variety of styles and colours, so if you think your guttering system needs some fine tuning, please do get in touch with us.

Our infographic also contains information about gutter maintenance. Blocked gutters can cause damage to the eaves and will compromise the integrity of your roof structure. Simple techniques such as adding a leaf guard and a gutter brush as well as regularly cleaning your gutters will pay dividends in the long term.


Guttering Infographic