Buying And Installing Ogee Guttering

Ogee shaped gutters are now extremely popular due to the attractive fluted profile and the large carrying capacity. Cast Iron Effect Ogee Gutter in particular is a very sought after style of Gutter as it combines modern performance with a traditional appearance.

The shaped profile of Ogee Guttering makes for one important difference when comparing it to Half Round, Square or Deepflow - the gutter and fittings are not symmetrical. This means that all gutter angles and stop ends are unique - angles are either internal or external, and stop ends are right or left handed. Don't worry - it is easy to explain and you will soon get the hang of it. Let's take a look at angles first.

Gutter Angles

On symmetrical gutters such as Half Round or Square you simply turn the gutter angle around to suit internal or external corners on the roof. On Ogee Gutters where the profile is asymmetrical, you need to order the correct type of angle - internal or external. The images below demonstrate the difference between internal and external corners on a roof.

External Corner Internal Corner
External Corner - Gutter Angle Internal Corner - Gutter Angle


commonly found at the bottom of a valley. When ordering Ogee Gutter, simply identify which type of corner you have and order the corresponding gutter angle;

External Angle Internal Angle
External Gutter Angle Gutter Internal Angle

Stop Ends

With Ogee Stop Ends, because of the profile of the gutter they are handed - either right hand or left hand. Stop Ends are always handed when looking from the front. Stand in front of the gutter and you will require a Right Hand Stop End to cap off the end to the right, and a Left Hand Stop End to cap off the left hand end. Remember to do the same when ordering Stop End Outlets.

Left Hand Stop End Right Hand Stop End
Ogee Left Hand Stop End Right hand stopend

Fascia Brackets

Two things to note here. Firstly, because of the high carrying capacity of Ogee Gutter, you need more fascia brackets - one every 800mm. This means that for every 4m length of Gutter you order you should order 5 fascia brackets. This will ensure that your gutter will be fully supported in periods of high rain or snow fall.

The second point is that the Ogee system includes an optional internal fascia bracket that cannot be seen from ground level, giving a clean gutter line all the away along the eaves. The internal fascia bracket incorporates a lug that fits cleverly into the lip of the gutter profile, enabling it to be top hung. Of course, if you want a traditional appearance then just stick to the standard style fascia brackets.

Top Hung Fascia Bracket

Connecting to Downpipes

The Ogee Running Outlet can be connected to either 68mm round downpipe or 65mm square downpipe without the need for any adaptors. The neck of the outlet is octagonal in shape, allowing for a simple push fit into either shape of pipe depending upon your personal choice.

Joining to other gutters

A wide range of Adaptors are available to enable you to connect Ogee Gutters to other systems such as Square or Half Round. When ordering these adaptors, don't forget that they too will be handed. It is always wise to look at the images to ensure the Ogee is on the correct side. The logic is the same as with Stop Ends - standing in front of the gutter if the adaptor you require is at the left hand end of the gutter, you need and Ogee to Square / Half Round Left Hand Adaptor, as per the image below;

Ogee Gutter Adaptors

Other Fittings

The remainder of the installation is exactly the same as for standard square and half round gutters, as shown below;

To print these installation instructions, please click on the PDF below to download a printable copy.