What Internal Cladding Do I Use When?

Although Internal Cladding is often multi use, there are some types of cladding that are better suited to different applications around a property.

PVC Bathroom and Kitchen Panels

As the name suggests, bathroom and kitchen panels are great when used in an environment where moisture is present, and they’re also incredibly low maintenance – can be wiped down to revert back to their stain free original state.

They’re waterproof and available on our site in 16 different colours, meaning customisation is more of an option in the areas of home you’ll spend more time in.

PVC Shower Panels

These shower panels are designed to be used exclusively in shower cubicles and enclosures within bathrooms. They’re completely waterproof and come with a sleek finish, and are also more lightweight than other panels, making them the best option for smaller spaces.

These panels are also entirely maintenance free, meaning the laborious task of re-grouting is now a thing of the past.

PVC Ceiling Panels

Ceiling panels are becoming an increasingly more popular option nowadays. It’s a sure-fire way to add a new touch to an otherwise plain area of your home.

They’re the perfect addition to cover up unsightly ceilings and are a great paring with LED lights.

They also come in a range of lengths, from 2.7 metre to long 4 and 5 metre panels, to fit onto any size ceiling.

Food Grade PVC Cladding

Food grade cladding sheets are stiff, 2.5mm thick UV stable sheets. These are floor to ceiling sheers and are ideal in medical or catering scenarios.

They’re so suitable for this because they meet all of the foo grade standards, which means they can be used in such a wide range of applications.

General Use Foamed PVC

General use cladding is a foamed sheet of varying thickness – from 3mm to 10mm. This is, as the name suggests, a general use, easy to clean sheet that can be used in many situations.

Antimicrobial PVC

Antimicrobial cladding utilises Silver Ion technology which is effective at inhibiting bacteria growth. It has been tested to reduce microbes by 99.9% in just two hours – it acts in just minutes and lasts a lifetime.

Due to this, it is particularly appropriate for use in education, pharmaceutical, hospitality, housing, sports & leisure and healthcare environments.

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