How Much Does It Cost To Install A Channel Drain?

Channel drains can be incredibly beneficial to install, and as with any project, it’s important to be aware of how much this might cost before you commit to an installation.

Like most other projects too, however, it’s impossible to give one single figure estimating how much the cost will be to install your channel drains. It can depend on a number of factors which will fluctuate the price, so make sure you consider the following in your calculations.

Size and Load Rating

The first thing to consider is that the costs of the channel drains themselves will vary. This can depend not only on the supplier you source them from, but the size and strength you require. A project that requires 5 x 1m grates is naturally going to cost more than one that needs 2 x 1m grates.


Channel drains are available in a number of different materials, most often PVC, steel and ductile iron or concrete. It’s important to choose the material with the best load rating for your project – for more information on how to calculate the load rating you need, take a look at this guide.

PVC channel drains are among the cheaper options, and cannot hold too much weight, therefore if your project will only bear the load of foot traffic, you may be looking at a lower overall cost.

On the contrary, if your channel drains will be placed along highways or motorways, you’ll need a material that can withstand the load rating of HGVs and cars, so iron may be the better choice – and the more expensive one. Although this cost jump quite dramatically, NEVER choose price over the right material and quality – it will cost you more in the long run to get weaker materials replaced, and it is never worth compromising safety for the sake of a few pounds.


Labour costs can often be the biggest charge you’ll face in any project. If you’re a dab hand at DIY or work in the trade yourself, you obviously won’t need to shell out for additional help with your installation, whereas if you’re a complete newbie or would prefer somebody who’s qualified to get the job done, you could be looking at a few hundred pounds for your installation depending on its complexity.

Even if your costs add up in the end, it’s worth considering whether the drainage issues you’re having are worth spending a bit extra to fix. Don’t forget that these channel drains have a long lifespan, aside from a quick clean out every now and then, the costs will be spread over years of use, and if it might prevent further damage from damp or leaks, it’s a worthwhile investment!

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