Can I Connect Mini Gutter To A Water Butt?

Yes. The Floplast MiniFlo Rainwater Divertor enables a 50mm downpipe to be connected directly into a water butt.

How to Rainwater Divertors Work?

Rainwater Divertors are clever devices that connect to a standard downpipe (50mm in the case of MiniFlo). Under normal conditions the rainwater runs down the pipe and into a channel in the divertor that then sends the water into the butt via a strong PVC flexi-hose connected to a tank connector on the butt. When the water butt is full, the water runs away down the downpipe as normal. 

The product codes for MiniFlo Rainwater Divertors are;


Colour Options for Rain Divertors

This fitting is available in Black, White and Brown and can be found on any of the Mini Gutter Pages. The divertor can be purchased separately or in kit form complete with a water butt and stand.

Water Butt Kit