What manhole cover load rating is needed for a domestic driveway?

The size and load class of a manhole cover depends entirely on the application it will be used for. When installing a new manhole cover, you’ll need to make sure the size is correct – if not, this can compromise the structural integrity.

What do I need for a domestic driveway?

The three most common materials used to make manhole covers all have different load ratings as the strength of the materials vary.

Many people are mistaken in thinking that an A15 rating is enough for a domestic driveway. The 15 in this stands for 1.5 tonne load rating, which you would think would be enough for a standard car.

However, what many people fail to consider for their driveway is that cars can exert 3-4 times the static mass of the car when turning and braking due to the force exerted through the outside wheels.

This means that very quickly, your 1.5 tonne load rating is now trying to cater for over 4 tonnes of force - potentially leading to breakages and further safety issues. Here’s what is actually recommended for domestic driveways:

Cast Iron – Class B125 (12.5 tonne maximum load rating)

Steel – 5 tonne maximum load rating

Polypropylene – Class B125 – however if your driveway is often mounted by delivery vehicles or dustbin lorries, you should consider a C250 load rating.

When it comes to choosing the material and correct load rating from your manhole, you may want to consider how many cars and vans you’ll have on your driveway.

If you are unsure, always make sure to go a class or weight load over what is recommended rather than underestimating – this will help ensure the strength and integrity of the manhole cover and prevent injuries or accidents.