Features and Benefits of Guardian Internal Cladding

We’ve already listed some of the key benefits to installing internal cladding, but the new Guardian cladding range we now have available boasts additional benefits for certain applications.

Read on to find out just how this Guardian cladding can revolutionise your home.

This range of internal cladding has been specifically designed with style in mind.

  • Cladding panels are incredibly stylish, replicating the look and feel of marble, stone, brick and even popular wallpaper patterns
  • They are suitable for any and every room and style of your house.
  • The panels attach with a seamless finish, meaning nobody would ever know they weren’t raw materials!

Like most internal cladding, they’re easy to install, and can be installed over existing surfaces, meaning little to no preparation is required, nor is external labour from contractors – it’s completely DIY!

In terms of maintenance, a quick wipe over is all you’ll really need! No grouting top ups are required, which for those of you who currently have tiles will know, is a major task to now have eliminated.

These panels are waterproof and mould resistant, meaning they’re ideal to use in the bathroom, where even condensation won’t be a problem.

These internal cladding panels are a hygienic and cost-effective solution to transforming your home. Coupled with the trim accessories we also sell in each style, you’ll be able to finish your home neatly and stylishly!