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PVC Downpipe Bends & Branches - How They Work (Video)

PVC Downpipe Bends & Branches - How They Work

These videos will help you learn about the function of downpipes in your guttering system, where they fit into the system and how bends can be utilised to modify the system.

Cast Iron Effect Downpipe Bend

Gutter downpipes are vertical pipes that carry rainwater collected by your gutters away from your roof and foundation. Gutter downpipe bends or downpipe angles, like the one featured in this video, are essential components for ensuring proper water flow.

The FloPlast RB8CI cast iron effect bend offers a modern alternative to standard bends, featuring grooves that resemble real cast iron. Perfect for maintaining a classic aesthetic, it allows the top downpipe to fit snugly inside the socket, while the spigot at the bottom seamlessly connects to the lower pipe. No glue or sealant is required for a secure and watertight joint. With its 92.5-degree angle, it creates a gradual slope for smooth water flow.

PVC Downpipe Bend

Similar to the RB8CI, the RB1B PVC downpipe bend provides a user-friendly solution for navigating deep soffits. This bend boasts a user-friendly socket at the top that readily accepts the downpipe, while the spigot at the bottom effortlessly connects to the lower pipe. Just like the RB8CI, it requires no solvent or sealant for a reliable connection. The 92.5-degree angle ensures a smooth water flow path within the pipe, promoting efficient drainage.

PVC Downpipe Branch

Downpipe branches, also known as downpipe joints, allow you to connect two separate downpipes into a single, larger pipe. This is useful when you have multiple roof sections draining into a single downpipe location.

The RY1/RYS1 PVC downpipe branch in this video features socket connections at the top to effortlessly accept two downpipes. The bottom spigot seamlessly integrates with the lower discharge pipe. As with the other products mentioned, no solvent or sealant is needed for a secure connection. The 112.5-degree branch angle perfectly complements the angle of an offset bend (RB2/RBS2), ensuring perfect pipe alignment for a visually pleasing and functionally sound drainage system.

By understanding how downpipe bends and branches work, you can ensure your guttering system efficiently channels rainwater away from your property, protecting your foundation and walls from water damage.

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