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Xtraflo - The Perfect Choice For Commercial Gutters

Make no mistake, our Xtraflo Industrial system is no ordinary commercial gutter. 

Manufactured to BS EN 12200 by leading UK manufacturer Floplast, this system is the Daddy of them all. But due to its clever and striking design, XtraFlo is as equally at home on large domestic installations as it is on the most complex commercial roof designs.

Why Choose XtraFlo Gutters?

To understand what sets XtraFlo apart, you need to firstly consider a traditional PVC Industrial Gutter design. 

Most systems are basically a larger version of a traditional half round gutter – the only difference being that they are usually 150mm wide instead of 110mm. What's more the colour is choice is almost always limited to either grey or back.

Features of XtraFlo Gutters

XtraFlo differs in three distinct ways. Firstly, it is 170mm across rather than 150mm – making it 20mm wider.

Secondly, the design is uniquely based on a Deep Flow gutter rather than a half round system, meaning it is semi-elliptical in shape. The depth of the gutter is an impressive 108mm – deeper than normal industrial gutters but still shallow enough to sit comfortably on a standard fascia board with no overhang. This combination of this additional width and the deep design massively increases the flow rate and capacity of the system. 

So here is the technical bit. With an outlet in the centre of the run and the gutter fixed at the recommended fall, XtraFlo can handle a hugely impressive 11.8 litres per second of water flow. Even fixed level, it can dispose of 8.2 litres per second. That is an increase of 83% over its traditional 150mm rivals, meaning it can be used to carry rainwater away from a much larger roof area without the need for additional pipework.

The third way in which XtraFlo differs is in its appearance. It is now available in white, as well as the traditional black and grey options, complemented by a comprehensive 110mm ring seal downpipe system. This enables it to be used on wide variety of installations such as apartment blocks and office buildings, as well as the more traditional barns, commercial and warehouse applications.

So if you need a large capacity gutter system that is stylish, simple to install and exceptional in performance terms, look no further than Gutter Supplies – XtraFlo ticks all the boxes!

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