Industrial Guttering - Twinstead Barn, Twinstead, Essex

Twinstead Barn Conversion

Location: Twinstead, Essex

Unit: Barn

Date: June 2018

Products: Black Xtraflo Guttering

Builder: JLF Woodwork and Carpentry

This new residence, which was once an overgrown and dilapidated barn, has been transformed by JLF Woodwork and Carpentry. Part of the rejuvenation process required the implementation of a brand new guttering system and they decided to go with our PVC Xtraflo system in black.

Not only is this system choice ideal for the property due to its steep roofs and therefore high water run-off, but the look of the guttering compliments the building well. The black downpipes sharpen the corners of the building and blend nicely with the anthracite grey wood exterior.


  • The vortex outlet design encourages the 'swirling effect' of the water for greater water flow down the pipe
  • Fittings come complete with wide rubber seals which allows for optimum performance in all conditions
  • Innovative and clean modern appearance
  • Semi-Elliptical profile
  • High flow capacity - 11.8 litres/second, outlet in centre, 1.350 fall (much greater than most 150mm systems)
  • Connects to 110mm pipe and fittings
  • System is covered by a BSI Kitemark - no. KM501316
  • Silicone lubricant must be used on all installations

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