Black Steel Guttering - Quarry House, Groombridge, East Sussex

Quarry House Case Study

Location: Quarry House, Groombridge, East Sussex

Unit: House and Garages

Date: January 2020

Products: 135mm Black Steel Guttering

Builder: W. Smithers

This large residential property in East Sussex is just finishing a refurbishment and our Tunbridge Wells branch supplied all of the guttering used, from the lengths to the downpipe clips. The owner of this property decided to choose Galeco’s black steel gutter for their rainwater system and opted for the 135mm option, which is the largest size of black steel guttering. The 135mm size is perfectly suited to large residential properties with slightly steeper roofs.

Black was the ideal colour for this installation since the property features a wide variety of colours, but not much black aside from the window frames and wood beams. This helped define the roofline yet blend in with the contemporary look of the building.


  • Easy installation – no specialist tools or knowledge required
  • 35 year guarantee
  • Available in a variety of colours and sizes
  • Less expensive than other metal guttering systems such as cast iron or copper
  • Low maintenance
  • Excellent strength to weight ratio

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