Alukap-SS Polycarbonate Glazing Bars

Our Alukap-SS glazing bars are customisable to suit any and every polycarbonate sheeting need. In sizes up to a width of six metres (among the highest available on the market!), these bars are available in brown (RAL 8040) and white (RAL 9010) as standard, with the option to be painted to any RAL colour. The unique powder coating offers resistance to the harshest of elements whilst also boasting a sleek finish.

These bars are self-supporting and easy to install – made from tough aluminium components, they’ll easily bolt to the wall using concealed fixings, providing a neat and stylish finish. Compatible with any thickness polycarbonate, multiwall or glass sheeting, including our Axiome polycarbonate sheet range, Alukap-SS glazing bars are a reliable and long-lasting choice for any commercial, residential or public building structure.

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