What Makes Mineral Decking So Special?

Outdoor living spaces have never been more important, so would you like to take your next project to a whole new level.

Our new mineral decking is pound-for-pound the strongest decking in the world, but this isn't the only thing that makes it so special. 

What is mineral decking actually made of?

We offer a mineral-based composite (MBC) decking designed with textured embossing for best-in-class traction.

The patented mineral-based composite technology provides the industry's best-strength-to-weight ratio. The decking features a fiber-like structure that is similar to wood but has unmatched strength making it nearly 35% lighter than traditional composites and similar in weight to PVC. 

The patented Eovations™ technology found in the mineral-based composite has virtually no thermal expansion or contraction and doesn’t absorb moisture. Since its creation in 2007, Eovations technology has perfected the substrate. This unique process starts with a mixture of polypropylene and calcium carbonate that's pull extruded for cavitation. Cavitation creates tiny air pockets that keep the boards lightweight, but with a fiber-like structure similar to wood, giving it unmatched strength.

Mineral Based Decking

What are the main differences between Deckorators MBC composite and wood?

MBC decking combines the look of wood with the durability of plastic making it a real win-win. Unlike wood which requires ongoing maintenance, there is no need use weather protection products or water sealed products. 

Can Deckorators decking be used as planters or edging or in contact with the ground?

Yes - the MBC decking is a great option to use in planters or as an edging. It can be installed with contact with the ground or water as the boards don't absorb moisture.

Is MBC decking slip-resistant?

Our MBC decking provides greater than 34% surface traction over other leading brands of composite decking. This has been tested by an independent 3rd party lab under wet conditions. 

Does MBC decking fade?

The Deckorators decking has a stain and fade resistant cap that is backed by industry leading warranty.  50-year Structural, 25-year Stain & Fade and 25-year Removal & Replacement.

Does MBC decking get hot in the sun?

As with all materials, MBC decking will feel hot on a sunny day. In these circumstances, we'd encourage customers to call decks or wear appropriate footwear. 

Does the MBC decking come with a fire rating?

Deckorators MBC decking is Class C fire retardant - flame spread rating of between 76 and 200 - this means it is considered effective against medium fire exposure. This is the same class as natural wood. 

Will Deckorators decking rot, splinter or decay like wood

No - Deckorators MBC decking has been tested under accelerated weather conditions and is weather-resistant. Deckorators employs a time-tested technology that provides superior protection against UV degradation and water absorption.

Will chlorine or other swimming pool chemicals damage Deckorators decking?

While there hasn't been any formal testing there is no evidence that there has been any ill effects from standard pool chemicals. 

MBC decking

Why is MBC decking more expensive than treated wood?

MBC decking is more expensive to manufacture, but when comparing costs you should think about lifetime value and consider the maintenance, repair and/or replacement costs that are associated with traditional wood. 

When all this is considered, over a lifetime MBC decking is likely to be a cost-effective option.