How Is Mineral Composite Decking Made?

Though the name “mineral composite” gives some idea as to how Deckorator’s composite decking is made, it doesn’t exactly give you the full story. So, in this helpful guide, we’re going to give you just that and explain how mineral composite decking is made and what ingredients are used!

The Creation Process

The creation of Deckorator’s mineral composite decking starts with blending advanced plastic polymers and durable minerals, which mainly consist of polypropylene and calcium carbonate. After these materials are combined, they are then stretched so that the plastic pulls away from the mineral filler. This process allows air into the material and is called cavitation.

After cavitation, the composite develops a fibre-like structure and becomes much lighter but has a higher volume, maintaining its strength. This high strength to weight ratio is remarkably similar to wood and is even more flexible. Finally, the composite is capped with a durable polymer.

For more information, check out the video below for an animated version of the creation process!

We also have a full installation guide for mineral composite decking that can be found here.