How Expensive is WPC Decking?

Many homeowners and property developers might be put off installing composite decking like Ecoscape Clarity, Forma and Legna due to their perceptions of the cost. What isn’t usually considered, however, is the fact that throughout its lifetime, composite decking can be more cost-efficient than other materials, especially timber. 

On average, it costs around £1,600 to install decking over the space of 15 square metres (including labour, material, and waste removal costs). This figure is dependent on several factors that can affect the final price of your composite decking project. 

Factors Affecting Cost 

Space Size and Shape - The size and shape of your outdoor area can greatly affect the price of your installation. When it comes to materials alone, a 30sq metre garden is going to cost double the amount to fit than a 15sq metre garden. The larger the decking, the more labour may be required too, especially if you need the work to be done within a certain time frame. This can increase the labour costs associated with the installation. 

Similarly, an awkwardly shaped garden with bends and corners may also add more to your costs – having to make specific cuts in your composite boards to fit tricky areas will take more time. 

A multi-level deck is also considered to be a more premium product and will use more materials and labour, so this is another planning consideration to have in mind if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly installation. 

Type of Decking Board - Even within the range of composite decking, there are different levels of pricing you can choose from to keep your installation more in line with your expected budget. 

We supply three ranges of WPC decking that are all at different price points, but still boast the same basic benefits to ensure any board you choose is built to last! 

Choosing an entry-level range such as our Clarity boards can help keep your costs down. Our Forma range includes an extra co-extruded sealing layer over each board – you can expect to pay slightly more for enhanced features such as this. 

Removal, Levelling and Preparation - If you’re working from uneven ground, or if your old timber decking needs removing before your Ecoscape composite installation, this can bump up the price of your project in terms of additional labour costs. 

Removing and disposing of old, rotten boards could cost up to £400 per day. Grading and levelling soil to form a solid surface is, on average, around £200-£800 depending on your space size. Any shrubs in the area will also need to be dugout. 

These considerations can quickly start to add hundreds to the overall cost, so make sure you’ve thought this through before committing to having your installation done. 

Cost Breakdowns to Consider 

Materials - Your materials will probably total around 70% of your final installation cost. It’s important to remember that ‘materials’ does not just refer to the boards, but all the accompanying fixings, trims and aesthetic features that you might want to include. 

Labour and Installation - Labour and installation are thought to be about 20% of the total cost. 

A usual decking installation takes between 1-2 days to complete but can take up to 4 or so days depending on the garden size and how many people you have working on the installation. 

A tradesperson would typically charge a day rate for a project like this, which you can expect to be around £200 per day, though this could increase if any complex issues arise or if the tradesperson runs over their predicted hours. 

You could choose to hire professional decking installers for this job, or a landscape gardener, as they are often trained in projects such as composite decking installation. 

You could attempt the project yourself if you’re looking to cut corners. Ecoscape decking is easy to install, especially with our handy installation guide. 

Waste Removal and Clean-up - Waste removal and cleaning up your garden after the installation can be up to approximately 10% of your overall costs. This could be less if it’s only the case that the local rubbish tip or recycling centre charges to dispose of certain materials, or it could be far more if you and your tradesmen need to hire a skip to dispose of the remnants. 

Lifespan Costs: Composite Decking vs Timber 

Timber decking is known for being a cheaper option than composite decking, so many choose this for their projects. It should be known, however, that the upkeep and replacement of timber over time can result in more money spent than the initial investment in composite decking would be. 

Many people choose to treat their timber deck to protect it against the elements, and replace it after a decade or so when it looks worn. When comparing the costs of this replacement and upkeep against the fit and forget maintenance free nature of composite decking (as well as the extended 20-year warranty) it's worth spending more for the longevity composite decking provides in the long run. 

Money Saving Tips 

There are a few steps you can take to keep the cost of your composite decking installation down. 

Keep the deck design simple – no stairs, multiple levels or accessories should be planned into the deck design. You can always add these later if your circumstances change. 

Maximise the lifespan of your decking – to avoid having to replace your decking, composite or otherwise, make sure you’re keeping it clean and tidy. In terms of maintenance, you should always wipe up and spillages to avoid compromising the integrity and aesthetics of the boards, but Ecoscape composite decking only requires a wash twice a year with soapy water, so make sure to keep on top of this to keep your decking in top condition! 

Shop around for installers – you should always compare quotes when it comes to choosing a team to install your decking. A low price isn’t always best though, so make sure to check out reviews to determine who will provide the best results and value for money, not one or the other. 

If you’re unsure which type of decking is best for you or sits within your budget, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team who are always happy to advise. 

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