How Long Does PVC Gutter Last?

PVC has quickly become the most popular system for both domestic and commercial properties primarily due to how cost-effective they are (in comparison to alternative materials). But, a question that customers often ask is how long will our PVC Gutters last?

So how long does plastic guttering actually last?

There are a number of PVC gutter manufacturers in the UK and although the manufacturing process can differ, each system will last a similar amount of time. As a general rule, you’d expect a system to last at least 20 years. To find out more about the systems available and the compatibility of these systems then check out our PVC Gutter compatibility guide.

Some systems will last longer, but by this time they will have exceeded any guarantee in place. It is at this point we’d recommend an inspection to check the effectiveness of components and whether or not the system is still suitable and operating efficiently. If there are issues, then we’d recommend an upgrade.

Do our PVC gutters come with a guarantee?

Our PVC gutters are primarily manufactured by FloPlast and all styles come with a 10 year manufacturer's guarantee, except for our cast iron effect style, which is backed by a 20 year manufacturer's and colour guarantee. As previously mentioned however, rainwater systems can often last in excess of their guarantee.

We also stock a large square PVC manufactured by Galeco which also comes with a 10 year guarantee.

How can I make my PVC gutters last longer?

To ensure your gutters last longer it’s important that you maintain your system, whether that’s clearing blockages caused by leaves and debris, inspecting seals or repairing any leaky joints. While maintenance to clean out gutters and prevent blockages should be regular, we’d always advise that you check your gutters for more detailed issues once a year and repair things as you spot them.

Additionally, ensure that when installed, gutters are done so using the instructions from the manufacturer to ensure that gutters last as long as possible. Please check out our Floplast video installation guide for more details.

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