How Far Apart Should Ogee Brackets Be Fixed?

The spacings for fascia brackets vary according to the type of gutter system used. This is because gutter systems with larger capacities, such as Ogee, carry a heavier load of water than the smaller systems.

Please check the spacings for the Ogee system below, but please note that these are he maximum spacings that we recommend - if you live in an area where heavy snowfall is a likely occurrence we would recommend that you reduce the distance between the brackets.

FloPlast Ogee Fascia Bracket Recommended Spacings

  • Ogee Gutters - Brackets at 800mm Centres
  • Brackets should be fitted using two 5mm x 25mm screws (1 x 10). Screws can be either round head or countersunk.

How Far Apart Should Fascia Brackets Be Fixed?


All Floplast Guttering systems are tested for snowloading. The British Standard test stipulates that with brackets at the correct recommended spacings the gutter should be able to hold a 75kg loading of snow without the brackets breaking. The weight of one square metre of snow 12" deep is approximately 96kg, so the roof on an average semi detached house can hold up to 3 tons of snow in periods of heavy snowfall.

When snow is followed by rain the snow acts as a sponge, soaking up the water and increasing the weightload. If you regularly experience snowfall and your roof covering is smooth, such as slate, we recommend that you consider installing snowguard. Snowguard holds the snow in place and allows is to melt, rather than slip from the roof and cause damage or even potential injury as temperatures increase.

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